Monday, April 22, 2013

Webinar Recap: Boost Your Trade Show Sales!

Last week, Ticket Summit® Executive Director, Molly A. Mérez, Ph.D., led Boost Your Trade Show Sales!, an hour-long webinar as part of the Ticket Summit® Plus 2013 Spring webinar series. In the webinar, Mérez provided tips and tricks for gathering leads and boosting sales when you exhibit at a trade show.
For Mérez, the most important part of exhibiting at a trade show is having a goal in mind. Are you launching a new product? Do you want to reach new customers or rebrand your current company? Your goal will dictate the design of your exhibition space.

With your goal in mind, what do you want booth visitors to do? Will you be having extended conversations with them? Do you need to perform a demo? Will they be stopping by briefly, or having an extended meeting with you?

What you want visitors to do should guide the design of your materials. If you expect visitors to listen to a 30-minute demo, Mérez says, you should provide a table and chairs for their comfort. If you are planning on having extended conversations, pertinent information—like your logo or phone number—should be posted in a location where it won’t be blocked by people standing at your booth.

Mérez also provided some tips on how to stay within budget, like purchasing fewer, high-quality swag items rather than a large quantity of items. She also discussed ideas for promoting your presence at the show, and following up afterwards. Mérez recommends following up with connections via email the day you meet them, rather than when the conference is over. That way, they’re more likely to remember you!

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